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CPC boasts twelve daycare and after-school centers designed for multiethnic families, many with non-English-speaking immigrant parents who both work full-time but have no funds for private childcare.

Manhattan- Infant

These centers are funded by the Agency for Child Development and staffed with licensed, bilingual childcare specialists. The multilingual daycares prepare young children for entering kindergarten, while the after-school centers supplement formal education with English tutoring and homework assistance.

The Staff teaches the children spoken and written English, preparing them to actively take part in society. Because the teachers also speak Chinese, they can help the children whose first language is Chinese make a smoother changeover to English. They can also converse with parents who only speak Chinese. The staff encourages the children to respect the traditional Chinese cultural values of family. They teach them to be proud of their heritage, at the same time promoting appreciation of other cultures. For example, this year Chung Pak Day Care celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Chinese New Year with festivities.

In the centers, children are exposed to art, sports, music, cooking, and dancing. The children at Chung Pak Day Care recently began Hawaiian dance lessons. Since the centers maintain good relations with community facilities, the children are able to enjoy access to athletic arenas, equipment, team sports, musical lessons, as well as libraries with reading workshops. The United States Tennis Association gave a grant to Queens School Age Day Care Center for tennis clinics for the children. The Ong Family Foundation recently funded a new playground atop 115 Chrystie Street, which many CPC day care children can now enjoy. The children also participate in community events and schedule local field trips to museums and other cultural sites. Queens Day Care took free workshops with the new Museum of Modern Art in Queens, and was given complimentary Picasso/Matisse exhibit tickets.

The centers also offer individual attention in line with each child’s needs and interest. They spur growth in interpersonal relations, character development, and emotional well-being. During this past year, all the day care centers participated in stress management workshops with New York Links, which concerned coping with the aftermath of 9-11. The safe and nurturing environment of all CPC’s day care centers allows children to explore their individual aptitudes.

CPC child care centers cooperate with community organizations as well. Queens Day Care students made hundreds of Thanksgiving and Season’s Greetings cards for patients of the Visiting Nurse Service. Through CPC’s Asian Family Services and coordination with other community projects, these centers integrate social services and referrals, provide a free dental and a foster grandparent program, and benefit from corporate technology programs. The children can relate to another generation at Chung Pak Day Care through the foster grandparent program. It’s “like and extended family,” says Director Karen Liu. The centers also offer parenting skills workshops and counseling to further involve parents in their children’s multicultural development. Additionally, they provide early intervention for development disabilities. CPC also runs a universal pre-kindergarten program, a Chinese cultural program, and a food services program under the daycare division.

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