GMHI Program Visits Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Brooklyn Museum | Chinese-American Planning Council
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GMHI Program Visits Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Brooklyn Museum


As part of the "Tea Talk" Series, CPC Brooklyn Community Services' Geriatric Mental Health Initiative (GMHI), accompanied our seniors to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Brooklyn Museum. Tea Talk is a group counseling session where our community members meet with, chat, and provide feedback to our GHMI team over tea and refreshment as a strategy to combat isolation which often leads to anxiety and depression. The results have been positive as community members are more apt to share their thoughts being in a group due to comfort level and commonalities. On October 2nd, the GMHI team accompanied community members to the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Garden. Seniors thoroughly enjoyed their experience to a destination they had not been to before. We look forward to continuing engaging community members in creative ways to build comradery, friendship, and encourage members to be socially active. Special Thanks to Council Member Carlos Menchaca and the New York City Council for advocating and providing funding for geriatric mental health services.