Values | Chinese-American Planning Council
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In our work, we continuously strive to:
  • Illuminate the root causes of personal, institutional, systemic, and global discrimination and injustice. 
  • Challenge and end all forms of oppression, including ageism and adultism. 
  • Promote and work for youth and community empowerment.


We do this by:
  • Identify and partner with NYC's most marginalized communities.
  • Create a model of city-wide, cross-community collaboration which brings together young people and adults who would otherwise never meet.
  • Raise awareness and train young people and adults to identify, interrupt, and end discrimination and injustice.
  • Work with other communities to instill and institutionalize culture change which is anti-discriminatory and sustainable.


We will always be:
  • Youth and adult run.
  • Making decisions through a process of consensus.
  • Thinking critically and questioning everything.
  • Modeling the change we want.