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    Promote social and economic empowerment of Chinese American, immigrant and low-income communities.
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    CPC is a citywide agency with a neighborhood focus serving Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.
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Latest Events

National HIV Testing Day 全國愛滋病檢測日
June 27, 2018
In honor of National HIV Testing Day, Chinese-American Planning Council and Mount Sinai Hospital Health Center will be collaborating together to host a free evening HIV testing event. 為紀念 全國愛滋病檢測日 ,華策會和西奈山醫院合作主辦免費的愛滋病檢測活動,我們想藉此機會向我們的亞洲族群介紹有關愛滋病毒/ 愛滋病和性病的資訊。
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