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Adult Preparation Workshops

Adult Preparation workshops focus on empowering youth to be able to make healthy choices based on their personal values, and to also encourage youth to recognize the complexities of current global conditions, and their role as active individuals in the Asian American community.

Curriculum Overview

Adult Preparation Workshops consists of six sessions, 1.5 to 2 hours each, and includes interactive activities that are focused on the growth and development for teens. Topics of development includes:

  • Healthy relationships, including development of positive self-esteem and relationship dynamics, friendships, dating, and family interactions.
  • Financial literacy, to support the development of self-sufficiency and independent living skills.
  • Healthy life skills; Education and employment preparation skills; Healthy life skills, such as goal-setting, decision making, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills, and stress management.

Curriculum Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, youth will be able to:

  • Understand accurate information about HIV and AIDS, including means of transmission, prevention, and current community impact (API).
  • Develop autonomy and agency over physical and mental health with an emphasis on community accountability and personal values.
  • Demonstrate skills in correct condom use, assertive communication, refusal, information provision, problem-solving, and risk reduction.
  • Practice active, informed consent and establish boundaries around sexual health choices.
  • Begin to set goals and plan for future financial and career success.
  • Recognize the complexities of inter-community relationships, and how to be an active and accountable member in their own communities.

Content Outline

Healthy Relationships: Recognizing toxic relationships and How to Get Out, Consent & Boundaries, Exploring Gender & Sexuality in our Current Age of Sexual Health, Healing Together from Intergenerational Trauma

Financial Literacy: Credit Cards & Scores, Budgeting to Live on your Own, Saving & Financial Well Being, Paying for School

Healthy Life Skills: Healthy body image, Career mapping, Stress management, Voting Engagement, Active in Asian American Community & Role in Fighting Injustice





  • 健康的人際關係:發展自信、學習與人相處、交朋友、談戀愛、家庭互動。 金融知識:發展自給自足、獨立生活的技能。
  • 健康的生活技能:準備學習與就業技能、健康的生活技能,如:設定目標、做決定、談判、學 習人際溝通技能及管理壓力。



  • 了解關於愛滋病毒和愛滋病正確的資訊,包括傳播途徑,預防措施和現今對亞太族群的影響。
  • 發展對自我身心健康的自主與自發性,著重於個人價值觀與社會責任感。
  • 能夠正確使用保險套及有自信地溝通、拒絕、提供信息、解決問題、降低風險。
  • 實行積極、知情的許可,為自己的 性健康建立明確地界限。
  • 開始設立目標,為未來計劃成功的經濟和事業。
  • 認識到社區間關係的複雜性,以及如何成為自己社區中積極和負責任的成員。


健康的人際關係 : 辨識不良的關係及如何脫離、許可與界限、探索現時性健康中的性別與情慾、從跨世代創傷中一起癒合

金融知識: 信用卡及信用評分、獨立生活的預算、儲蓄與經濟順遂、支付學費

健康的生活技能: 健康的身體形象、職業地圖、壓力管理、參與投票、活躍於亞裔社群打擊不公