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Personal Responsibility Education Program

Curriculum Overview

Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a six-part curriculum that provides adolescents with the knowledge, motivation, and skills necessary to change their behaviors in ways that will reduce their risk of pregnancy or contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. To change behavior, adolescents need not only information and a perception of personal vulnerability, but also the skills and the confidence in their ability to act safely. The curriculum consists of six sessions and has been evaluated and recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as a “Program That Works.”

Curriculum Goal

The curriculum is intended to delay initiation of sex among sexually inexperienced youth, to reduce unprotected sex among sexually active youth, and to help young people make proud and responsible decisions about their sexual behaviors.

Curriculum Objectives

At the completion of this program, students will:

  • Have increased their knowledge about pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS
  • Believe in the value of safer sex, including abstinence
  • Have confidence in their ability to negotiate safer sex & to use condoms correctly
  • Be able to use condoms and negotiate sexual situations
  • Intend to practice safer sex
  • Reduce sexual risk behaviors
  • Take pride in and responsibility for choosing responsible sexual behaviors

Types of Activities

Be Proud! Be Responsible! is comprised of a series of fun and interactive learning experiences designed to increase participation and enhance learning. Activities include educational videos, trigger films, role plays, condom demonstrations and other exercises. Most activities are brief, lasting no more than 20 minutes.

Content Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to HIV, STDs and Pregnancy
  • Module 2: Building Knowledge About HIV, STDs and Pregnancy
  • Module 3: Understanding Vulnerability to HIV, STDs and Teen Pregnancy
  • Module 4: Attitudes and Beliefs about HIV, AIDS and Safer Sex
  • Module 5: Building Condom Use Skills + Birth Control
  • Module 6: Building Negotiation and Refusal Skills

Curriculum Components

  • The curriculum was designed to be used in small groups ranging from 6-12 participants
  • Sessions can be implemented in 1 day for approximately 6 hours or in 5 days for 1.5 hours per day.



「有自信!負責任!」課程給與青少年足夠的知識、動機及技術來改變自己的行為,減少懷孕或感染愛滋及其他性病的風險。青少年不單需要資訊及自身脆弱性的認知,他們還需要相關技能及行動的自信。這個課程分六節,已由疾病預防控制中心認證且推薦為「有效的課程」。 課程目標 本課程目標為延後未有性行為青少年的首次性行為、減少已有性行為青少年們的危險性行為以及幫助青少年有自信做決定、對自己的性行為負責。



  • 對於懷孕、性病及愛滋有更深的了解
  • 相信安全性行為(包括禁慾)的價值
  • 有自信要求伴侶進行安全性行為及使用保險套
  • 能正確使用保險套,安全進行性行為
  • 打算讓自已的性行為更安全
  • 降低性行為風險
  • 以選擇負責任的性行為的責任感為榮




  • 模組1:介紹愛滋、性病及懷孕
  • 模組2:建立愛滋、性病及懷孕的相關知識
  • 模組3:了解自身對愛滋、性病及懷孕的脆弱性
  • 模組4:對愛滋病毒、愛滋病及安全性行為的態度和觀念
  • 模組5:增進保險套使用技能 + 生育計劃
  • 模組6:建立談判和拒絕的技能


  • 課程設計為六至十二人小組進行
  • 課程可以安排為一天,約六小時;或分五天,每天一個半小時。