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CPC Statement on the Proclamation to Restrict Immigration Based on Healthcare Access




Date: 10/31/19

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Carlyn Cowen, Chief Policy and Public Affairs Officer (ccowen@cpc-nyc.org | 919-637-6866)



CPC condemns Federal Proclamation that will significantly restrict those eligible for immigration, penalizing those without health insurance and the use of public health insurance and limiting immigration. 


New York, NY -- The Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) condemns the health insurance proclamation announced by the Federal government that is set to go into effect on November 3, 2019, as a systematic attack on low-income, immigrant families, and communities of color. The federal administration is attempting to allow in this country only immigrants who demonstrate that they will have private health insurance within 30 days of entry, or demonstrate the ability to pay for medical costs incurred. If it goes into effect, this policy could block the applications of up to two-thirds of immigrants who apply for legal permanent residency from abroad, including from Asia.


“As the nation’s largest social services nonprofit for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, CPC understands that this proclamation will be devastating for generations to come. Because 23% of Asian New Yorkers live in poverty and 10% of Asian New Yorkers do not have health insurance, CPC believes that immigrants should not have to choose between reuniting with their family members in this country and getting access to healthcare. The proclamation is yet one more attack in a series of anti-immigrant laws and policies to come out of this Federal Administration,” said Wayne Ho, President & CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council.


The proclamation, although different from the blocked Public Charge rule, deliberately targets low income immigrants who aim to reunite with their family members in this country. Mandating immigrants to have private health insurance welcomes only the wealthy into this country, and excluding Medicaid or subsidized health insurance plans is a direct attack on low-income families who need affordable care to prevent health emergencies and address chronic illnesses or disabilities. This proclamation not only harms those who are not able to afford private health insurance, but also ignores immigrants who work part-time or are in jobs that do not provide health insurance to their families. Immigrant families deserve access to social safety nets in this country such as public health insurance, regardless of immigration status, income level, or the jobs in which they work in.


“This proclamation is designed to target immigrants who are people of color, low-income, limited English proficient, or are people with disabilities.  We should be providing universal, comprehensive healthcare for all U.S. residents, not systematically barring all but the most wealthy from entering on account of insurance,” said Carlyn Cowen, Chief Policy and Public Affairs Officer at the Chinese-American Planning Council. 


CPC will continue to fight back against this proclamation, and work to ensure that our community members have the information and resources needed to make the best decisions. 

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