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Queens Family Offered an Opportunity for a New Beginning


Mr. Lu Ping Jiang and Ms. Dang Ying Chen came to the United States in 2016 in search of their American Dream -- a fresh start on life with greater freedom, economic security and an endless supply of opportunities available for their young son. Unfortunately, the 60 year olds parents struggled to find employment after immigrating. They found themselves in a foreign country, unable to speak the language and unable to find work. Feeling desperate and alone, Mr. and Mrs. Jiang reached out to the CPC Queens Community Services for help. The pair enrolled in the Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP). SCSEP is a work-based training program designed to respond to the needs of older job-seekers with barriers to employment. 

Formerly a kindergarten teacher in China, CPC paired Ms. Dang Ying Chen's skills as a caretaker with a career as a licensed home health aide, eventually leading to her unsubsidized employment through ABI Health Care. Likewise, Mr. Lu Ping Jiang was able to find full time employment through CPC with the Chinese Herald Christian Crusades, where he is able to utilize his broad skillset from his time as a driver and pianist in China. With their newfound employment and income both mother and father were able to support their young son who is currently a freshman in college. “We honestly felt so lost and CPC Queens helped us find a path to take. We’re so grateful for these opportunities that enable us to raise our son in America.” said Ms. Dan Ying Chen. “We are not lazy, we work hard and we just want to have a good life here, thank you to CPC and the Senior Community Services Employment Program for helping us do just that.” says Mr. Lu Ping Jiang.