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I Found My Shadow

CPC Queens Early Childhood Center Groundhog Day Party

On February 2, 2018, the CPC Queens Early Childhood Center had a Groundhog Day Party. The children went around the Queens Community Center to look for their shadows. They found their shadows on the floor and were very excited!  Then they went back to their classroom for 6 more weeks of winter and to sing Happy Birthday to the groundhog.

“I love the CPC Queens Early Childhood Center because my daughters are extremely happy here, LOVE their teachers, are speaking more and always have so much fun working on new art projects. They are forever singing the songs they learned from daycare and are really learning so much through songs, stories, art and play. This center is the best ever and I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am with the progress that my daughters have made and with how safe I feel when leaving them in the mornings. All the teachers and staffs here have great big hearts and encourage parent-child interaction during daycare hours that I haven't seen anywhere else. If I can keep my daughters here forever, I will!” said Ip, mother of twins’ daughters.

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