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Public Advocate Letitia James's Lunar New Year Event

Public Advocate Letitia James Lunar New Year Event

CPC's own Mrs. Lois C. Lee, Director of CPC Queens Early Childhood Center, was honored by Public Advocate Letitia James at the Lunar New Year event on March 6, 2018 at the ​Queens ​Flushing Library. Mrs. Lee was recognized for her illustrious and impact​ful​ career of advocacy work for high quality child care. After her inspiring speech, comments heard from the attendees were as follows:

I am really facing some hardships and after her speech, I feel encouraged to move forward.  

I work for an insurance company and was teary eyed at the end because I realized I can make a difference in someone's life.

I am a teacher and now see teaching in a different light.

Mrs. Lee spoke personally and from the heart, I was touched by her words.


Mrs. Lois Lee’s impact reaches members of our community  in places far and wide. As her 40-year history connotes, her work has now benefited a full generation of youth that have become adults. CPC's Queens Early Childhood Center was recently named after Lois at an unveiling hosted by CPC's mission partner, the Ong Family Foundation.  

For more information on CPC programs in the CPC Queens Community Center, including the Lois C. Lee Early Childhood Center, click here