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Judy Ah-Yune Talks About Challenges for Immigrants


CPC Manhattan Community Services Director, Judy Ah-Yune, wrote a compelling article on the importance of social work and the creation of safe spaces during today's challenging political climate. 


"It has also been important to send the message to our community members that “no matter what your status is, documented or not, you have a voice and rights. You can contribute and make an impact.” Sometimes undocumented community members we work with say, “I can’t vote, so I don’t count.” This is when, as a social worker and an agency, we have to take the lead in educating the community that the latter statement is not true.... It is important to be an informed community member and to be aware that you can be your own advocate."


Click here to read "A Challenging Time for Immigrants" in the NASW-NYC February 2019 Newsletter (Page 10)