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CPC Brooklyn Community Services Celebrates the completion of the Summer Naturalization Class


CPC Brooklyn Community Services' (CPC BCS) Summer Naturalization Class in partnership with Office for New Americans (ONA) came to completion today! Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 marks the last day of this class cycle. CPC BCS holds several free Naturalization Class cycles throughout the year for all interested community members who wish to learn more about what is on the interview to become a U.S. Citizen. The N-400 interview consist of the English portion (reading, writing, speaking) and the civics portion. During the cycle, the instructor went over the Application for Naturalization (Form N-400), the 100 Civics and U.S. History Questions, and the reading/writing portion of the exam. SYEP participant, Ms. Priya Patel, assisted the instructor on a variety of class activities and helped many of the participants enunciate challenging vocabulary. The class was made up of community members who were at different stages in the N-400 application process: before applying for the N-400, recently applied for the N-400, and almost at the interview/test stage. Throughout the 11 weeks, the participants worked very diligently to learn the importance of becoming a U.S. Citizen and skills to achieve that goal. The English proficiency of the participants varied greatly but everyone came to class ready to learn the new material and practiced their verbal and writing skills. The participants who were near the interview stage were given extra individualized sessions outside of the regular class periods to provide them with additional practice. In the end, all three of the participants who had an N-400 interview were able to pass! We are all very excited for Ms. Liang, Mr. Lee, and Ms. Zheng who passed their interview and is currently waiting for their oath ceremony appointment. We look forward to serving more of our community in the next Naturalization Class Cycle. 

If you or someone you know is interested in attending a free Naturalization Class, please have them call Brooklyn Community Services at (718) 492-0409 ext. 313 to learn more! 

This class is made possible by NYS Office for New Americans Opportunity Center.