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Wayne Ho Appointed to Commission for an Age-Friendly NYC


CPC President & CEO, Wayne Ho, has been appointed to join the NYC Commission for an Age-Friendly NYC along side CPC's nonprofit peers. This commission was started in 2010 to address the challenges the growing population of older adults in NYC face such as living in poverty. NYC's older adult population is diverse. Working with culturally competent organizations such a CPC who are already in their communities will greatly fill in the gap and help make NYC age-friendly. 

Specific duties of the Commission include:

  • Identify existing best and innovative policies and programs that benefit older adults and looking for ways to expand their reach.
  • Tap into nonprofit and private sector networks to adopt a similar “age-in-everything” approach to their planning and work.
  • Better understand how City agencies currently are and can apply an aging lens to all of their planning going forward and to work smarter and more efficiently in meeting the needs of the growing population of older New Yorkers.
  • Catalyze change across public funding “silos” to demonstrate the potential for integrated strategies among agencies and with the private sector.
  • Monitor City and private sector progress in implementing initiatives to enhance the age-friendliness of New York City.

CPC is proud to be a part of this initiative and looks forward to advocating for the needs of the seniors in our communities through this commission. 


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