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CPC Celebrates Graduates from Early Childhood Centers


CPC celebrated the Class of 2024 across our early childhood centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens with graduation ceremonies featuring performances, food, and presentations. Congratulations to all students and staff across the centers for their achievements. This milestone not only marks their hard work paying off but also the start of an exciting new chapter in their education.

CPC Homecrest After School Program at PS 153: Congratulations to students and staff on a successful 2024 Spring Showcase. This year's theme was "Courage: Be Brave and Reach for the Stars," featuring inspiring dance performances from Kindergarten to 5th grade youth groups.

CPC Garment Industry Day Care Center: Held a moving-up ceremony with singing, video slideshows, certificates, and lots of smiles.

CPC Lois C. Early Childhood Center: Celebrated a stepping-up ceremony for 3K and PreK classes, and thanking staff and families for their support throughout the year.

CPC Little Star Early Childhood Center: Hosted a graduation ceremony at CPC One, our new community center, affordable housing building, and permanent home.

CPC Jacob Riis Early Childhood Center: Held a moving-up ceremony filled with energy, love, and support, featuring a special lion dance performance to celebrate the graduates, families, staff, and volunteers.