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Book Signing for "Satellite Baby" with CPC's Young Authors

Book Signing for "Satellite Baby" with CPC's Young Authors

On May 22, 2017, CPC's young authors at the CPC Queens School-Age Child Care Center celebrated the launch of their book titled Satellite Baby. A “satellite baby” is a child who is born in the US but is sent for kinship care abroad and then returns to the US to be raised by their parents when they are old enough to go to school. Parents opt for this lifestyle due to various economic limitations, working nontraditional hours and holding multiple jobs. This upbringing can lead to disruptions in the child's stable environment. Disruptions in a stable environment can lead to behaviors such as depression, anxiety and acting out in the classroom. 

The students in CPC Queens School-Age Child Care Center, many of whom are “satellite babies” themselves, wrote the book Satellite Baby to talk about the experience and how to work through the emotions that comes with returning to the US after spending years apart from your parents. The goal of the project was to start conversations about "satellite babies" in safe spaces and bring the need for affordable child care for Early Childhood Programs and quality School Age Child Care Centers to light. 


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