Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. Bolsters Social Services Capabilities With Technology Received From IBM | Chinese-American Planning Council
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Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. Bolsters Social Services Capabilities With Technology Received From IBM


The Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. (CPC) has received a SafetyNet technology grant from IBM valued at $300,000 that will help improve services to the immigrant communities in New York City.

“I would like to thank IBM for selecting CPC as the sixth organization to receive SafetyNet.  The dedicated staff of CPC will be able to better collect, track, analyze and evaluate program data with the support of this custom tool.  IBM SafetyNet will help CPC tell a more complete story of the impact of our services in the lives of the people in our community,” said Wayne Ho, President and CEO.

CPC was one of only a handful of organizations selected in 2017 by IBM for its new SafetyNet grant program. IBM SafetyNet provides customizable software; pro bono consulting and training services; and hosting in the IBM cloud to store information securely, conveniently and reliably. .  “We are happy to have another member of the UNH family participate in the grant partnership with IBM. We are eager to help CPC understand their impact within the communities they serve through ongoing training and technical support of the SafetyNet application”, said Latoya Leslie, UNH’s SafetyNet Project Coordinator.

IBM SafetyNet, powered by IBM's Social Program Management, can help not-for-profit organizations such as CPC document and evaluate the success of their programs more quickly and effectively - a prerequisite for receiving essential funding from the public and private sectors. Collecting and analyzing client, program, and funding contract data can be a time-consuming and arduous task for many organizations. Data analysis offered by IBM SafetyNet enables social service providers to pinpoint and address possible gaps in services, and lead to better programming in support of their clients.

Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc.’s mission is to promote social and economic empowerment of Chinese American, immigrant and low-income communities. As the largest Asian American social services agency in the United States, the Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. (CPC) provides culturally sensitive programs for all ages. CPC currently serves over 8,000 people daily through 50+ contracted programs in 30+ locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

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