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Manhattan Learn and Earn Program Visits Google


On April 26th, the Manhattan Learn and Earn Program visited Google’s NYC location for a day of career exploration and professional development. The trip included panel presentations and a tour of the office. Googlers provided Learn and Earn youth with great insight into the company's work culture; examples of how computer science is woven into our daily lives; and a firsthand experience of Google's Fitness Center and Water Tower Cafe. 

Feedback from our Learn and Earn community was overwhelmingly positive:

During the Google tour, I found the workplace amazing. We got to see different parts of Google and really enjoyed the food from the cafeteria. I am going to read the book called “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott, recommended by one of the panelists how to be an effective leader.

- Jason Lin

The Google tour was very inspiring. The speakers told us about their life and how they ended up working there. It was great to hear and learn from others who share the same interest in computer science as I. The presentations were amazing; they contained videos of works and innovation made by other people. The food was also amazing! Overall, it was a great experience.

- Jerry Chen

Google staff gave helpful hints through sharing their own experiences working at Google. For example, teamwork and learning how to work with each other while learning from each other. They explained how they handle things that come unexpectedly, and how you can slowly discover interests from different people in different fields.

- Jenny Zhang

The Google experience was eye-opening. The facility and general layout of the office were extremely lax and welcoming. The bathrooms were massive, the food quality was amazing, and they even had cafes and game areas to relaxing and take breaks in. In addition to the casual atmosphere, what surprised me even more was the job application process. As someone who always had an interest in Computer Science, it was surprising to learn that a college degree is not a requirement needed to apply for a position at a top tier organization like Google. It is great to hear Google is not conventional when it comes to hiring talented people.

- Jeremy Chen

I really enjoyed touring Google and learning about various aspects of computer science. It was interesting how different everyone's journey was before they were employed at Google and I was surprised at how Google put emphasis on ensuring their employees maintained a healthy lifestyle.

- Jenny Ho

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