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Sugary Drinks Awareness Campaign Launches May 1


Community Health Services and our Youth Leadership Committee launched a social media campaign about sugary drinks on May 1! The Youth Leadership Committee has been meeting weekly to create engaging posts, and will also host workshops in the community about sugary drink impacts.

In collaboration with Community Health Services’ staff, the Sugary Drinks Youth Leadership Committee will conduct research and formulate effective messages and content to reach AAPI youth. Posts on CPC’s homepage, Instagram, and Facebook will focus on these three messages:   

  1. Know what you’re drinking. – This message intends to capture the health risks and environmental impacts of sugary drinks, so that followers will be more aware of what they are drinking, and rethink the drinks they commonly consume. An example will highlight the amount of hidden sugar in popular drinks such as bubble tea and the amount of plastic that goes into packaging one serving of bubble tea.
  2. Are sugary drinks worth the price? – The campaign intends to ask followers whether they think the long-term impacts of sugary drinks on health and the environment are worth the short-term thrills that come with consuming them. This message also aims to reveal the targeted marketing tactics of industry and point out how sugary drinks are marketed as affordable. But, are the harmful environmental and health impacts worth that cheap price?
  3. “Less sugar, please!” – This message is based on the phrase commonly used when ordering bubble tea. This message encourages people to choose less sugar and instead think about sugary drink alternatives.

Posts include images that depict sugary drinks’ harmful health effects, an ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) video highlighting plastic waste associated with bubble tea, and much more! Please follow along with us as we embark on this journey to learn about sugary drinks, its marketing, and its impact on our health and the environment. We will have fun giveaway events for followers!


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我們的發文將包括ASMR(自主感覺經絡反應)影片,介紹與珍珠奶茶相關的塑料廢物和健康風險,在「全國騎自行車上班日」和「全國漢堡日」發佈強調含糖飲料中的糖含量的訊息 ,以及含糖飲料危害健康的圖示。請跟我們一起踏上這段旅程,了解含糖飲料、它的營銷及其對我們的健康和環境的影響。