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CPC Brooklyn Community Services Financial Literacy for Young Adults


How you spend your money today will determine your future. On Friday, August 16th, at 3:00 PM, Frank Wu and Michele Blatt from Prudential Financial spoke to a group of young adults about the importance of financial literacy. Frank and Michele led a riveting presentation on a variety of topics and best practices ranging from Banking, Credit, and Investing to Taxes. Students not only learned how to fill out a check, a W-4 form, what is on a W-2 form, and general information on IRS Form 1040, but also why it is important to invest money and to start sooner than later. 

Understanding financial literacy is becoming more and more important as young adults enter the work force. Many Americans are in debt and a lot of people live from paycheck to paycheck. As a result, many people do not put money towards their savings and do not have an emergency fund. This is why it is critical to educate young people about their finances and how to plan for the future by making educated decisions about their money habits.

The workshop was well received by the audience and many young adults expressed the importance of learning financial literacy at a young age. Many of the audience were high school students and felt it was the right time for them to start thinking about their future. 

Thank you so much to Frank Wu and Michele Blatt for coming out and sharing valuable information. This workshop was made possible by NYS Office for New Americans and in partnership with Prudential Financial.