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Students Create Census Campaign: More Than Just a Number


With the unprecedented transition to working and schooling at home, every single one of us had to make these abrupt changes. Even among all that is happening in the world around us, CPC Service Learners have committed to dedicating their time on Fridays for our weekly workshops and did their passion to make an impact in their community did not wane.  

The importance of the Census is rarely discussed in schools and many people are unaware of how important filling in the Census is for their community. CPC Service Learners, a group of high school students who meet regularly to develop and implement projects, have taken it upon themselves to educate those around them about just how important the Census is, while also mitigating any preconceived negativity people hold.   

The entire project was planned out and executed by these students. They created posters and videos in multiple languages, including Chinese and Spanish, to share with their social media network, classmates and family. A community member stated, "I wasn’t surprised or anything because through articles, television, and local news pertaining to my neighborhood I was always aware of what was going on. But it’s a shame to think that many Americans do not take the census seriously which is detrimental to our local businesses and healthcare centers.” 

CPC Service Learners were able to reach over 1000 people through their efforts. We encourage you to extend the reach and fill out the census too! 

Fill out the Census here: