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Successful First Year of the Nonprofit Resiliency Committee


The Nonprofit Resiliency Committee was launched by Mayor Bill de Blasio on September 28, 2016 to offer opportunities for collaboration and expand lines of communication between the City and nonprofit human service sector. CPC was invited by the Mayor’s Office to join the Nonprofit Resiliency Committee with 72 organizations from the nonprofit human service sector. The committee worked with the Mayor's Office and city agencies to stabilize the sector and implement strategies that will allow social service organizations to continue delivering high-quality services to underserved New Yorkers over the long-term.​

During the first year, with the collective efforts of the Committee and City agencies, the City included a $374 million investment in the human services sector during the Fiscal Year 2018 budget. This investment brings additional funding to support nonprofits’ administrative overhead costs, and rate increases for several essential programs and services. With these investments, the City acknowledges the increasing costs of delivering services. 

"The Nonprofit Resiliency Committee has been a productive collaboration between the Mayor's Office and social services organizations," said Wayne Ho, CPC President & CEO. "Because of our partnership, we have increased funding for nonprofit providers, reduced bureaucracy, and improved equity and access for small organizations. I look forward to serving on this committee for a second year in order to ensure that underserved communities continue to receive culturally and linguistically appropriate services."


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