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CPC Statement on New York City FY25 Adopted Budget



Date: July 1, 2024

Contact: Wayne Ho, President and CEO | (212) 941-0920 x 143 | who@cpc-nyc.org

CPC Statement on New York City FY25 Adopted Budget

New York, NY – The City of New York passed a $112.4 billion budget for FY 24-25 on Friday. The Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) commends and recognizes the City Council and the Mayoral Administration for all of their efforts in the critical restorations to the social safety net that were cut in the proposed Executive Budget. We will continue our advocacy to ensure that there are more investments in the future that go beyond restorations to ensure that our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), immigrant, and low-income communities are living fulfilling lives.


“We are thrilled to see that a historic 3% COLA each year for the next three years was secured for nonprofit human service workers in the FY25 budget. The sector has been historically underfunded despite an increase in demand for services, and this is the key first step in ensuring equity for our workers and ultimately our communities at large. We are also grateful for the $5 million restoration of the AAPI Community Support Initiative which has been critical in helping our communities reach economic mobility and achieve healthy and dignified lives. We want to acknowledge and express our gratitude for our continued partnership with the City Council and the Mayoral Administration. Our advocacy would not be possible without the tireless leadership and collaboration of our champions advocating for the growing and emerging needs of our communities. We look forward to continuing our partnership in ensuring that more investments are made to strengthen our social safety net for all New Yorkers,” said Wayne Ho, President & CEO of the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC).


This budget restored essential services like childcare, senior services, housing and homeless services, youth and community development, health and mental healthcare, parks, and education. CPC strongly believes that these critical investments must be increased because they are necessary for uplifting our communities in the short and long-term.


Below is an overview of some of the wins and shortcomings of the budget as they impact AAPI, immigrant, and low-income communities.


  • $741 million allocated for Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for nonprofit human service workers over the next three years
  • $5 million restored for the AAPI Community Support Initiative, which will continue to help ensure culturally and linguistically responsive services, mental health support, trauma-informed care and racial literacy programs.
  • Enhancement to $25 million for Promise NYC to support childcare services for undocumented immigrants
  • Expanded funding with $20.7 million to the Fair Fares program which would increase the number of people eligible for half-priced fares for our transit system
  • $11.1 million for older adult services and home delivered meals
  • Restored extended days for Summer Rising and providing free MetroCards for Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) participants
  • $14 million in supporting Community School programming
  • Full restorations were not made to preschool programs with only $20 million restored out of the $170 million budget cut. Our youngest New Yorkers deserve to have the resources to thrive developmentally and have the building blocks for success.


We also want to acknowledge all the Council Members who committed discretionary funding for our programs that will continue to support children, youth, seniors, immigrants, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ+ communities, and families across all 51 Council Districts in the City: Speaker Adrienne Adams and Council Members Alexa Avilés, Justin Brannan, Shekar Krishnan, Linda Lee, Julie Menin, Mercedes Narcisse, Keith Powers, Lincoln Restler, Carlina Rivera, Sandra Ung, and Susan Zhuang. We look forward to continuing to work with the Mayor’s Office and City Council to ensure meaningful investments in human services organizations and workers who continue to meet persistent and emerging community needs.



紐約市 - 紐約市在週五通過了2024-2025財政年度的1,124億美元預算。華人策劃協會 (華策會) 讚賞和認可市議會和市長行政部門為恢復擬議行政預算中被削減的社會安全網所做的一切努力。我們將繼續宣導工作,以確保未來的投資不僅限於恢復,而是確保我們的亞裔美國人和太平洋島民(AAPI)、移民和低收入社區能夠過上充實的生活。

華策會總裁兼首席執行官Wayne Ho表示:「我們非常高興看到,2025財年預算中為非營利公共服務工作者確保了歷史性連續三年的每年3%生活成本調整(COLA)。儘管服務需求增加,但這個部門長期以來一直資金不足,這是確保我們的工作者和最終我們整個社區公平的關鍵第一步。我們還感激恢復亞裔美國人和太平洋島民社區支持計畫的500萬美元,該計畫在幫助我們的社區實現經濟流動性和健康尊嚴生活中發揮了關鍵作用。我們感謝並感激與我們持續合作的市議會和市長行政部門。如果沒有倡議者為我們社區日益增長和新興需求的不懈領導和協作,我們的宣導將不可能實現。我們期待繼續與市議會和市長辦公室合作,確保進行更多投資,以加強我們為所有紐約人提供的社會安全網加強我們的社會安全網進行更多投資。  



  • 分配了7.41億美元用於未來三年非營利公共服務工作者的生活成本調整。
  • 恢復了500萬美元用於亞裔美國人和太平洋島民社區支持計畫,繼續確保文化和語言服務、心理健康支援、創傷知情護理和種族掃盲計劃。
  • Promise NYC的資金增加到2500萬美元,支持無證移民的兒童保育服務。
  • Fair Fares計畫的資金擴展到2070萬美元,增加符合條件的人數,使他們可以享受半價交通票價。
  • 為老年人服務和送餐服務分配了1110萬美元。
  • 恢復了夏日炎炎夏令營(Summer Rising)的延長服務和為夏季青年就業計畫(SYEP)參與者提供免費捷運卡(Metrocards)。
  • 支援社區學校項目的1400萬美元。
  • 學前教育計畫未完全恢復,1.7 億美元的預算削減中僅恢復了 2,000 萬美元。我們最年輕的紐約人應該擁有蓬勃發展的資源和成功的基石。


我們也要感謝所有為我們的計劃提供酌情資助的市議會成員,包括Speaker Adrienne Adams and Council Members Alexa Avilés, Justin Brannan, Shekar Krishnan, Linda Lee, Julie Menin, Mercedes Narcisse, Keith Powers, Lincoln Restler, Carlina Rivera, Sandra Ung, and Susan Zhuang。這些項目將繼續支持全市51個議會選區的兒童、青少年、老年人、移民、殘疾人士、LGBTQ+社區和家庭。我們期待繼續與市長辦公室和市議會合作,確保對公共服務組織和工作人員進行有意義的投資,以繼續滿足持續和新興的社區需求。


About the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC):

The Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) is a social services organization that creates positive social change. Founded in 1965, CPC is the nation’s largest Asian American social services organization and aims to promote the social and economic empowerment of Chinese American, immigrant, and low-income communities of New York City. CPC is the trusted partner to individuals and families striving to achieve goals in their education, family, community, and career. 

關於華人策劃協會 (華策會):



El Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC) es una organización de servicios sociales que crea un cambio social positivo. Fundada en 1965, CPC es la mayor organización de servicios sociales asiático-americanos del país y su objetivo es promover la capacitación social y económica de las comunidades chino-americanas, inmigrantes y de bajos ingresos de la ciudad de Nueva York. CPC es el socio de confianza de personas y familias que se esfuerzan por alcanzar objetivos en su educación, familia, comunidad y carrera.